Find Answers To The Most Asked Questions


What areas do you serve in the Triad?

Once Upon A Fairytale Parties serves Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point. An addition to the in-between cities/towns like Kernersville, Jamestown, Oak Ridge, Summerfield. We do serve some cities/towns outside of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point without a travel fee. We suggest reaching out to us if you live outside of the main three cities to see if a travel fee may occur.

How long does it take for a return email, direct message, and/or call?

Once Upon A Fairytale Parties strives for same-day responses to all mediums of contact. Though, some days may be busier than others which can result in slower response times. If you are a Princess Perks Member, you will receive Priority Customer Service.

Do you only perform at homes?

No! We are happy to perform wherever your party/event might be!

Do I call you by your "real" name or "character" name?

We prefer that you call us by the characters' name. We will stay in character at all times to ensure the experience for your child as magical as possible.

Do I need to provide anything?

It is nice for a chair to be available for photos and/or storytime. We may ask for access to an outlet, but we will let you know about this before hand.

How do I pay for my booking?

Once Upon A Fairytale Parties offers a variety of ways to pay for your booking. You choose what works best for you! See below for the payment options Once Upon A Fairytale Parties offers, as well as details. Note, all payment options require a non-refundable $50 deposit. -Pay Online --Pay by credit or debit card (see accepted cardholders below) through Once Upon A Fairytale Parties Website. Once Upon A Fairytale Parites' website is Encrypted for all payments made through online, as well as Once Upon A Fairytale Parties' payment provider, Square. Safe. Secure. Easy. -Venmo --Pay through the Venmo App. -PayPal --Pay through PayPal.com or the PayPal App. -Cash --Send cash by mail to Once Upon A Fairytale Parties. -Check --Send a check by mail to Once Upon A Fairytale Parties. -Over the Phone with One of Our Staff Members --Speak directly with one of our staff members (the Magical Team) and pay over the phone. By paying over the phone, you can use a credit or debit card (see accepted cardholders below). -In Person --This option requires a deposit, before paying in person (chose an option from above). After a deposit is made, pay the rest in person by credit/debit card, cash, or check. - - - Credit and/or Debit Cardholders: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover are the current supported credit/debit cardholders. Note, as of July 17th, 2019, Once Upon A Fairytale Parties does not support Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or any other NFC enabled payment service. Once Upon A Fairytale Parties is looking into NFC enabled payment services for the future.

Princess Perks

What is Princess Perks?

Princess Perks is Once Upon A Fairytale Parties' rewards program. With Princess Perks, members receive discounts (Perks), exclusive access to event tickets, exclusive photos/videos of princesses/characters, exclusive previews befoer the public, special package savings and more! Best of all, Princess Perks is 100% FREE!

Where can I find my current Perks (discounts/coupons)?

You can find your current Perks (discounts/coupons) several ways:

    • Go to onceuponafairytaleparties.com
    • Click on "Log In" (top right on desktop; crown 👑 icon lower right on mobile)
    • Click on your name (top right on desktop; crown 👑 icon lower right on mobile)
    • Click on "My Account"
    • Click on Perks (left hand panle on desktop; mid-top click on the dropdown on mobile)
    • You can now view your current Perks
    • You will receive an email each time a Perk is available. Perks and any Princess Perks news is sent by contact@onceuponafairytaleparties.com
  • TEXT (SMS)
    • You will receive a text alert when a Perk is available. Check your texts for Perks.
    • Go to the Princess Perks Facebook Group (facebook.com/groups/princessperks)
    • Scroll through the timeline to view any Perks
*NOTE: Some Perks require you to meet certain criteria. Please see the next FAQ Question for more information. Some Perks expire. Please see the next FAQ Question for more information.

Are there certain requirements for Perks (discounts/coupons)?

Yes. Some Perks (discounts/coupns) have requirements. To see the requirements for Perks, go to your account or view your email. In your account, go the Perks tab> click on a Perk> and any requirements will be disclosed there. If you are looking for the requirements in your email> find the email with the Perk> read the requirements that are disclosed within the email (some emails may have a PDF; view the PDF to see the requirements). As always, if you do have questions about a Perk, please email us at contact@onceuponafairytaleparties.com. Requirement Example: "RSVP to the Princess Easter Egg Hunt and receive a $5 Perk" - This Perk would ONLY be available to those you attended and RSVPed to the Princess Easter Egg Hunt. If you do not attend nor RSVP to the Princess Easter Egg Hunt, you would not be permitted to use the Perk. "$5 Perk" - This Perk may have requirements such as an expiration date or exclusive to a package only. Always check the requirements.

Can Perks (discounts/coupons) expire?

Yes. Some Perks may expire. Always view the requirements for the Perk as it will disclose any expiration date(s). For information about requirements, please see the FAQ Question above.

I'm having issues logging into my Princess Perks account

Oh no! That is not a good thing! Have no fear, you can email us at contact@onceuponafairytaleparties.com and we will be happy to help you.